HP ups its AIO game with the EliteOne 1000 G2, Envy 27, and Envy 34

@ 2018/05/16
Once upon a time, buyers could count on a display far outlasting the usefulness of a PC purchased at the same time. However, the era of 50% year-over-year processor performance bumps appear to be long over, so all-in-one desktops make good sense for a large set of buyers. After all, Apple and Microsoft's only serious entries in the desktop computer market are AIOs (the nearly four-year-old Mac Mini doesn't count, sorry). HP is spiffing up two of its AIO PC families with Intel's eighth-generation Core processors: the EliteOne 1000 G2 for businesses, and the refreshed Envy 27 and Envy 34 for home users.

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