Apple iPod Nano MP3 Player

@ 2005/09/21
If you think the iPod Shuffle was as small as iPods could get, you are in for a surprise. Appleā€™s latest iPod avatar, the iPod Nano is arguably the most chic looking iPod in the world, and comparing that to the standards that iPods have already set, that really is saying something.

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Comment from Rutar @ 2005/09/22
Chip tested it, battery life exceded specification, sound quality was good (not excellent, but good) and overall they were very pleased with it

they are for big MP3 player COMPARISONS what Madshrimps is for heatsink COMPARISONS
Comment from piotke @ 2005/09/21
Originally posted by Rutar
me wants nano
Nano is for dumbass people.
Really, just as every french person, stupid and lazy.

<insert more whitty comment>
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/09/21
me wants nano
Comment from Sharpside @ 2005/09/21
What does it take to destroy an iPod nano, and what's inside this tiny package? We wanted to answer both questions and strangely enough answering the first allowed us to answer the second. We could take our turns at purposely rendering the iPod nano broken, and then when it had endured more damage than it could handle we'd end its misery with a respectful autopsy. Now, we know that destroying the iPod nano makes some (strange) grown men want to cry. Rest assured, you can still buy one yourself, and the local priest said all iPod nanos go to heaven.

The nano seems to be verry durable