OCZ PC4800 Platinum

@ 2005/09/21
We've been doing quite a few memory reviews over the last couple of months, and today we bring you our review of OCZ's Platinum PC4800 Elite DDR memory dual channel kit. I find it interesting to try new memory modules out, as I like to squeeze the last drop of performance out of the memory modules, and I often find that even performance memory kit manufacturers leave a bit of headroom that to exploit.

OCZ and other premium memory kit suppliers take advantage of the fact that most memory chips will run over their "nominal" design ratings. By carefully testing the chips for reliable operation at higher speeds they can qualify a percentage of the chips tested for higher speed grades - so for example, they might get a large batch of chips from a memory manufacturer, which are desinged for PC3200, then test to see how many of them are reliable at PC4800. The ones that fail can be tested for PC4000, and the ones that fail that can try for PC3500.

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