IBM starts shipping latest mainframe computers

@ 2005/09/18
IBM, the world's biggest computer company, said it began shipping the latest version of its mainframe computer Friday, helping drive up revenue as customers switch to the new device.

System z9, the ninth generation of IBM's modern z-series mainframe, has more than twice the capabilities of its predecessor, IBM said in a statement. The refrigerator-sized computers, used by some of the world's largest companies and governments, promise added security for medical and financial information and other sensitive data.

The computer can handle 1 billion transactions per day. Fully configured versions have 54 chips and 18 billion transistors. Prices start at around $1 million apiece.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/18
CICS was dead since late 80's; many IT guys were left out as IBM AS400 had a long waiting line for training. The cycle begins once more.

So, this refrigerator size main frame can house 54 processors; 512 GB memory and up to 60 Logical Partition.

Perhaps, one gigantic fan for cooling with <20 dBA sound level or will it be cooled by water? In case you ask, the answer is no.