Intel's Socket 478 dies amid weeping'n'wailin'

@ 2005/09/17
IT WILL soon be time to stand at the grave of Intel's 478 pin socket and weep tears and wear weeds for the death of the long lasting pins. Sob.
That's pretty clear from week 36 roadmaps seen by the INQ that show not a trace of 478 pin Pentium 4s or Celerons from the third quarter of this year and therefore nevermore.

Everything will be LGA775, so no more pins and needles. Sob.

Intel has told its channel that while boxed Pentium 4 processors are currently offered with BTX Type I "thermal solutions", from Q4, they will come with BTX Type II instead.

The only 478 pin Celerons remaining on Intel roadmaps are the 350, a flavour of the 345, the wan [surely one? Ed.] 335 and the equally wan 330.

But due to the awesome power of Intel pin technology, these will be phased out and the 478 pin and socket combo will only exist in our memories.

Vale 478! We well remember back in Taiwan years back when we visited a mobo firm, and asked a young lady how things were. She replied: "Oh, not very good. Intel has decided to change its design from 423 to 478 pins and that will leave us a clear nine months where we won't be able to sell motherboards."

From such things come pin legends.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/09/18
yep, I have a S478 setup, but upgraded to AMD S754 when it came out
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/17
When AMD was giving up AXP production, it was replaced by better and lower thermal loss A64.

When Intel is giving up S478 Northwood, it is replaced by slower and much greater thermal loss S775.

Since, many Intel Northwood hard cores have switched to AMD platforms. Yes, the mass market controlled by Dell with strong pricing negotiation technique will only buy and sell Intel who in turn controls the vast chips and memory market dictates what the uninformed PC consumers can buy (better than 90% of PC users do not know what sits under the hood).

Intel is no difference than GM in the 70's (even today), when GM was making cars that fooled a lot of people in both quality and pricing until the Japanese car manufacturers stepped in and took over the market on a daily basis.

Yes, GM is still 'big' today and so is Intel. I am not going to be forced to change form factor just because Intel could not control thermal loss. I, like many in the 70's switched to buying Japanese car. This time, it is AMD.

I hope AMD is not following Ford's footstep