NVIDIA tells us the truth about CrossFire

@ 2005/09/17
ATI's competitor NVIDIA has sat down and put together a presentation dealing with the shortcomings of CrossFire. Problems like limited resolution and game issues are listed. Not only do they cover the CrossFire video cards, but also problems with ATI's dual VGA motherboard chipsets.

Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/09/18
dont we all wanna see reviews of the r520 crossfire. i want to change my gpu and still don't know which dualones
Comment from jort @ 2005/09/17
i remember the review of fancry with the trees.

nvidia had different colors and ati even colors.

nvidia is just lame plain simple,
Comment from wutske @ 2005/09/17
ouch. 2 things, I didn't know that company's may compare their products to products from the competition.

And 2 if they are the cherry on the pie/the nose of the salmon of graphics, why can't they make a good image for their presentations instead of a cheap cut-out.
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/17
Comment from easypanic @ 2005/09/17
Too early to talk?

There is no full release of crossfire vga cards and motherboards...
Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/09/17
lol, ati fanboys won't really like that 'lil presentation i think