Gigabyte 7800GT

@ 2005/09/15
Since ATI got their act together with the Radeon 9700 it has been a very tough battle between Nvidia and ATI over who lays claim to the fastest video card for computer gaming, a constant tug of war that never seems to end. Earlier in the summer Nvidia fought back big with their G70 GPU and the 7800GTX, a card with unparalleled performance across the board. However, with it came a very hefty $500 price tag that most gamers simply cannot afford to pay. At QuakeCon a few weeks ago Nvidia had an answer to this with their 7800GT, the sweet spot of mid-range it cuts the costs by $100 while still being powered by the same graphics processor as the 7800GTX. Today we look at Gigabyte's 7800GT video card, the GV-NX78T256V-B.

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