HIS X800 GT IceQ II iTurbo

@ 2005/09/15
ATI has known all along that the biggest thorn in their side in mid-priced range is 6600 series video cards, but up until now ATI had either been aiming to high or to low to make much of dent on this particular cards sales. Well it seems that they have finally got things sighted in now with the release of the X800 GT video card. The card we are looking at today is made by HIS Tech which means it is not nearly as bland as it would be if it came directly for ATI, HIS has added things like their patented IceQ II cooling system that will cool their card 11 degrees cooler than the same card from someone else. It also offers a second benefit of being 20 dba quieter, which is a huge amount and can be greatly appreciated if you like to game late at night. So come on along and check out HIS Tech's latest hit.


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