ATI to launch Crossfire on the 24th

@ 2005/09/14
MONTHS AFTER it originally previewed the architecture back in Taiwan, ATI is getting ready to release its first Crossfire motherboards. Reviewers have already got their kits and they have some time to make their long awaited previews of the marchitecture.
Retail boards should follow, and some even ready at the launch date but this was not the easiest aarchitecture to make a board around. It takes time and ATI and its partners sure took some time to get it out on the open.

We learned that ATI plans to lift its NDAs on the 24th, just some days before it announces its R520, Radeon X1800 and the rest of the R5xx generation. The company didn't have any choice as it had many small problems with the Crossfire concept that kept those boards postponed. We remember that one of the key problems with Crossfire was the linking external cable that caused a few weeks delay.

Now ATI is in a funny situation as it has to launch its new Radeon and Crossfire just a few days earlier with old Radeon X 850 and X800 cards. Just a little later, the company will announce Radeon X1800 XT Crossfire edition master cards and will urge reviewers to use those.

Whatever happens Crossfire is set to be announced in just about 10 days.

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