Thermalright SI-120 Heatsink

@ 2005/09/14
The new Thermalright SI-120 heatsink is a redesigned XP-120 that offers greater motherboard compatibility while still accommodating a 120mm fan of your choice. In fact, Thermalright claims the SI-120 will fit all known Intel P4 and AMD K8 motherboards (at least they haven’t found one yet it didn’t fit). The SI-120 incorporates five heat pipes to transfer heat out of the copper base into a large array of aluminum fins (just like the original XP-120). The universal mount works with both Intel P4 (socket 478) and AMD K8 (socket 754/939/740) platforms. An optional socket LGA-775 retention frame is also promised.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/09/15
VapoChill Micro
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/09/15
Fact is AC has made the Silencer 64 which cools better than the stock HS and is a lot quieter yet easy to install and SMALL.

If you look at their Freezer, tell me another heatsink that performs that well at THAT pirce.
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/15
That's too high, I get 35-37c idle and around 44c load on a 4400+ on the stock cooler.

AMD Box Cooler 43°C 59

Plus the beginning of the the thread 47°C AMD Stock Cooler.

These are facts which you couldn't change whether you agree or not.
Comment from goingpostale1 @ 2005/09/15
Coolers not sinks coolers is what I mean.
Comment from goingpostale1 @ 2005/09/15
I disagree, AMD makes pretty shitty stock sinks. I totally Disagree with the use of the Slim 80mm fans on some of the sinks(Louder higher RPM and you gain what exactly? a ful lsize 80 can fit in almost every retail case excluding SFFs I've seen) and the 70mms ( I think they were 70s) I've seen on some older stock 754s. While they make get the job done. They could be made better, much better, everyone knows it. I'm all for an AMD contract with AC. While they have gotten much better with the addition of heatpipes. The Fans are what really get me. How much more would it cost (or less???) to put a full 80 on those sinks.
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/14
AC will be happy to hear your recommendation.

On the other hand, I am confidence that AMD engineers and PhDs are fully competence on thermal dynamic in addition to processor design and manufacturing. Otherwise, RMA from not knowing how to package heatsink in retail pack alone will take away their profit.
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/09/14
AMDs core competence is making CPUs, not coolers, Arctic Cooling in the other hand should design every stock heatsinks for mobos, CPUs and GPUs that is used since their dam good at silence for cheap.

I'm not an engineer
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/14
For you, it will be disappointing, 80mm.

AMD is always hiring engineers. Are you for it?
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/09/14
Most improtant question, what size fan will they use?
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/09/14
There will be a decent stock cooler from Amd? Whoa!

IMO, all AMD would have had to do is ask Arctic Cooling to make a temp controlled stock cooler, they could get the job done silent and cheap.
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/14
Notice the Stock AMD cooler less than 35dBA sound level and on average less than 6°C higher (at same noise level) comparing to the best of the best.

The new heat pipe stock cooler will do better yet. Add a Fan Duct (Chill Vent) will drop a few °C while keeping Warranty intact.