Nvidia ships 6800XTs

@ 2005/09/14
A MONTH ago, we reported about Nvidia's counter part card and we are finally getting some information about that product. Nvidia is planning two versions of the 6800XT card. One will be PCIe while the second one will use good old AGP.
The first version of the card will be based on NV41 – a PCI Express chip (PCIe) while AGP version will use NV40 chip. Both cards will have eight pipelines and are being shipped in Taiwan.

Actually Nvidia is shipping the chips, while Nvidia's partners are getting busy to make those cards have them available for retailers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Nvidia changed its mind about shipping cards to OEMs only, as you will be able to get those cards in shops now, as well.

Now Nvidia can fight both Radeon X800GT and GTO with their own answer. The company plans to attack eight pipelines X800GT with its eight pipes 6800XT while it has twelve pipelines 6800 Standard cards to compete with the soon to be announced twelve pipelines X800 GTO.

The suggested retail price is $149 for the eight pipelines 6800XT card and they should be available shortly.

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