Altec Lansing MX5021 2.1 Speaker System

@ 2005/09/14
The MX 5021 is a serious audio system manufactured by a serious audio company: Altec Lansing. For those of you not familiar with Altec Lansing, it was founded May 1, 1941 when All Technical Products Company merged with the Lansing Manufacturing Company. During wartime, Altec Lansing made great efforts to manufacture Anti-Submarine Detection equipment, MAD Airborne Detection equipment and Fire Control Radar.

Post-war manufacturing involved theater sound systems and music recording consoles. Eventually, Altec Lansing got into budget PC speaker systems and has been a leader of this market ever since... After weeks of testing, I can say this is a great set of 2.1 speakers. I was highly impressed with the sound quality whether I was listening to music, watching movies, or playing PC games. Having an Audio-In additionally allows you to hook up your Xbox, MP3 player, etc. which of course is a good thing.

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