Ekl V8 vs. Zalman 7700 AlCu vs. Thermalright XP-90C

@ 2005/09/06
One V-8 engine look alike and two more traditional look HSFs, which one comes out ahead?

Comment from piotke @ 2005/09/07
95% of the cpu coolers in this world are without heatpipes.
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/09/07
Who doesn't use heatpipes on their heatsinks? Even on the cheap AC Freezer there are heatpipes.
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/07
How well a heatsink performs is depending how well the heatsink is designed; as such how much a processor could be overclocked depends on how well it is engineered. If big fan is key to good cooling; and sub-zero cooling is key to overclocking; we all could stay home and play games instead of going to engineering school. Intel & AMD could be selling phase change compressors; and heatsink designers could just be making huge fans.

Surely, we all have our opinions; please use some common sense, if not knowledge from applying what we have learnt from text books.

Add: The large fan used recently is the result of implementing heat-pipe technology, with which heat absorbed by the base of the “heatsink” is transferred at a faster rate. However, a pipe is a pipe where the so called “pipeline inventory” must be considered. In this case the inventory it carries is HEAT. The longer it gets the more energy it stores. A large fan has a large fan hub which acts as “dead spot” to cool the very center where temperature is highest.

The larger the fan and heatsink get the higher the HSF due to surrounding surface component clearance, hence longer the heatpipes the more energy stores in the pipeline inventory. Size is one factor but not the only factor, either fan or not.

Try using a 120mm on heatsink without heatpipe and tell me what you are getting. I like to hear science and learn from it, rather than what and how you feel unless you are the only woman in this world
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/09/07
The other day I saw a guy at a local Starbuck coffee shop working on his laptop; not knowing the reason a table fan was next to him I proceeded and asked him if he was okay. He replied, "certainly I am okay; the fan is for my laptop". He spelled his name Rutar ..... sorry, I said.

Sorry, I say now.
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/09/06
the fan is the problem, it is too small =P

need a 140 or more for that HS, or even better 2 140s
Comment from wutske @ 2005/09/06
I think the fan is the problem.
A lot of air is blown over the heatsink and other parts aren't in the direct flow path of the fan.
Comment from Jaco @ 2005/09/06
good test setup:
29°C room temp, AMD64 X2 4800+ ( a 'hot' cpu)

That V8 doesn't cut it... bigger isn't always better