JetAudio iAudio X5 20GB Portable Media Player

@ 2005/09/06
Convergence: a big word that’s being passed around like a green bean casserole on Thanksgiving. But while green bean casserole is in over abundance, this convergence everyone speaks of is hard to find. Imagine taking your mobile phone, digital camera, mp3 player, address book, PC and throwing it all into one easy to handle device. That’s what usually pops into my head when I think of convergence; a one stop everything device that boosts productivity, cuts down on gadgets I have to carry, yet looks stylish clipped to my hip.

Well you can’t quite find all that in one package just yet but there is progress being made. It’s not uncommon to see cell phones with cameras, micro hard drives and mp3 capability. The new Sony PSP plays games, music, movies and allows internet access over a wireless connection. Another such device comes from the folks over at JetAudio. Their new X5 is a hard drive based player for music, photos and videos. The X5 comes in 20GB or 30GB capacities and an extended battery life model is also available. All that in a package no larger than your standard hard drive based portable music player. So if you’re tired of that boring, music-only player of yours, keep reading to find out if the X5 is worth your dollars.

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