Olympus Stylus 800

@ 2005/08/31
The Olympus Stylus was a legendary weather-resistant camera that quickly shed its 35mm film roots earlier this century to morph into a terrific little digicam. In the case of the Stylus 800, it’s a whopping 8-megapixel edition (the first was 3MP). Only topped by the new 9-megapixel Fuji E900 and E9000 as well as a soon-to-be-announced 10MP model from a famous company, it’s about as powerful a point-and-shoot camera as you can buy. I don’t know if we’re at a point of diminishing returns but I’ll always take more technological firepower when it’s available—especially when the price is right. With its 3x optical zoom, weather-resistant case, excellent image quality and extremely fast response, this is one of the best digital sub-$450 cameras available, especially for travelers and vacationers.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/08/31
What I look for a good camera -
1) Ability in good Macro setting
2) F stop and shutter priority
3) F stop down to 1.2
4) Shutter speed down to 4 second with manual release
5) Kelvin (color temperature) compensation
6) Grey color adjustment
7) 10X optical zoom
8) MP4

Hey, digital cameras are getting cheaper by the days; a few years ago a decent one costed over $1,000.