Antec Sonata II Silent ATX Case

@ 2005/08/31
The Sonata II is a worthy upgrade to the original Sonata and anyone in the market for a new case should take a good look at it - whether or not they're building a silent system. The Sonata II offers near silent operation in a package so attractive you'll want to show it off every chance you get. It's a good thing the Sonata II can be locked up. Otherwise your friends might take too much of a shining to it.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2005/08/31
Again, just talk and no temp or sound measurement for something that is supposed to be quiet and the Advanced Chassis air Duct remains untested.

My own experience using one for 3 weeks found the air duct even with fans installed is worthless; it increase CPU temp and did not decrease graphic card GPU temp although the ambient temp has a lower reported temp according to ATI temp sensors.

Many people overlook the design of a fan duct, thinking any round pipe or vent will do the job. This is the 4th review I read without any test done to the case.