Acousti Products Dust Proof Fans

@ 2005/08/25
Noise, air volume throughput, longevity, and even dust prevention are now becoming things to consider when choosing the fans that are right for you and your system. Today we take a look at the Acousti Products Ultra Quiet Low Vibration Dust Proof Cooling Fans, along with their Soft Silicone Fan Gaskets and Anti-Vibration Silicone Case Feet. All are means of further enhancing the system's cooling performance and quieting overall case noise.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/08/25
Listen carefully
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/08/25
but the percieved noise level is even higher

go go 120mm fans
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/08/25
Product Code AF80C AF92C AF120C
Fan Size (mm) 80x80x25 92x92x25 120x120x25
Fan Housing Material Clear Thermoplastic
Fan Start at 5V DC? Yes
Connector Type 3-pin (for m'board)
Life Expectancy (at 25°C) 26,000hrs (2.9yrs)
Included Accessories In-line Fan Resistor
4 x Fan Screws

Full Speed (12VDC)
Air Volume Throughput CFM ±10% 25.4 41.7 50.0
Acoustic Performance (DIN45635 @1m) dBA 21.0 25.9 34.0
Fan Speed RPM ±10% 2,000 2,000 2,000

80mm 2,000 rpm @21 dBA 25.4 CFM verus 120mm 2,000 rpm @34 dBA 50 CFM.

2x80 will yield the same CFM as a single 120mm with additional 3 dBA when two fans of similar specs are used together = 21+3 = 24 dBA.