Apple wants Broadcom to get Qualcomm

@ 2017/11/11
Analysis: One stop Wireless giant that dances for Apple

As you can imagine, the possibility that Broadcom might take over Qualcomm is quite a bit a nuclear shake up in our industry and we wanted to ask around.

Without doubt, the multiple industry insiders we contacted believe that Broadcom has more to gain as Qualcomm has a sexier roadmap. To refresh your memory, Qualcomm is likely to be the first in the world with 5G, it has a good autonomous and automotive roadmap and it is a clear leader of everything to do with modems, and the fact that every high end phone outside Apple and some Samsung kit is using its SoC.

It even has a solid IoT roadmap that has great opportunities in 2018 especially on the audio and wearable side. Since many companies think that a network is part of the IoT, Broadcom might be promised more Apple business if it snaps up Qualcomm.

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