iPhone X Gigabit modem won't fly

@ 2017/11/11
Will be capped for Intel sake

There is no big surprise that iPhone X uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 modem and is capable of Gigabit LTE speed, but since Intel version doesn’t support this speed, both phones will be capped at the lower speed.

We have seen this happen since the first time Intel made it to the iPhone, as clearly Intel is still playing catch up. Intel promised to have the XMM 7560 that supports Gigabit LTE next year, so the iPhone will have it in 2018, at the earliest. Apple actually even confirmed it was throttling the modem in the iPhone 7 last year to one of its pet publications, Appleinsider.

In the meantime, the throttled modem will hit customers all over the world as there are at least 34 carriers in 14 countries trialing Gigabit LTE and some of these networks will go live soon. Some of them have actually been live for a while. This is not some distant future, as USA carriers have Gigabit LTE trials in some markets.

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