VL System M-Play 202 Media Center VFD

@ 2005/08/24
It seems my running stretch of HTPC-oriented reviews is not quite over yet…VL Systems just dropped their hot new M-Play 202 Media Center VFD onto our review bench! This device is squarely aimed at the build it yourself crowd, and comes with two items that any HTPC enthusiast would want in a new build – a remote and VFD display. VL System has seemingly combined the two in a slick one stop solution, but is it good enough for your rig? Read on and find out!

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Comment from aragon127 @ 2005/10/24
Yeah, still waiting to hear back. I really like the product so I hope they can give me a fix.

The only thing I don't like is that there doesn't appear to be a way to modify the Media Center behavior to add CG files and stuff like you can in Auto User.

Of course I also don't like that the text gets garbled after a little while, but I'm hoping that's fixable.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/10/24
Did you contact VL Systems about this?
Comment from aragon127 @ 2005/10/24
I just got this unit and it looks great. Unfortunately the text keeps getting scrambled-1 line appeared on partly on the bottom and partly on the top etc.

Anyone else having this problem?