Antec Overture 2 ATX Desktop Case - photo show

@ 2005/08/24
Today on the review bench is Antec’s Overture 2 ATX Desktop case. Being that this is the second “Overture” desktop case, we will also take into consideration what changes have been made since the original. If you don’t already know, a desktop case is one which lies flat on your desk, usually with a monitor sitting on top of it. This is the standard configuration you see in many workplaces, particularly those with pre-built PCs from the likes of Dell, HP, etc.

Because of size constraints, you may not be able to fit an exceedingly high-end system with a large array of hard drives into the case. By the same token, it likely isn’t a good idea to do much overclocking in order to avoid overheating. All that being said, Antec is renowned for their quality and design, and you can be sure that I’ve got high expectations for this beauty.

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again a - photo show - case "review";