Seagate – World’s Largest HDD Maker

@ 2005/08/18
Seagate Technology may not be the maker of the world’s most capacious or fastest hard disk drives (HDDs), but it is the largest producer of hard drives, according to research firm iSuppli. While no maker of HDDs demonstrated growth in terms of market share in the second quarter, Seagate has managed to expand its lead in the market.

During the Q2 2005 HDD approximately 89.7 million HDD units were shipped, which is 2.8% higher compared to the Q1 2005. This contradicts to general patterns of HDD shipments, as in Q2 they usually tend to decline. The success of Seagate is further confirmed by the fact that the company managed to overcome the issues with supplies of HDD media.

“The second quarter usually represents the annual low point of the HDD market, and unit shipments tend to decline compared to the first quarter. However, strong end demand for computers and consumer-electronics products generated abnormally robust conditions for HDD makers in the second quarter,” said Krishna Chander, senior storage analyst at iSuppli.

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