We've Been Working On Unreal Engine 4 For Two Years

@ 2005/08/18
Epic's VP announces Unreal 4 to the world and appeals for extra manpower and firepower to seal global dominance!

17:40 Not content with ruling the next gen with its all conquering Unreal Engine 3 - which has been licensed by Microsoft for the 360, Sony for the PS3 and just about every serious next gen PC developer worth their salt - Epic Games has already begun the march to global hegemony in the next next generation, with work on the previously unheard of Unreal Engine 4, now revealed to have begun over two years ago.
"Unreal Engine 4 will be totally groundbreaking and the way games will be done in the future," Rein continued. I don't expect it to be staffed up as a full team for several years. But when people come to work at Epic, they can come here with the knowledge that we're always keeping one eye on the future and they're going to be helping to shape the future of the videogame business" continued Rein.

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