ECS KN1 Extreme nForce4 Ultra Motherboard:

@ 2005/08/17
Apparently, ECS was tired of getting overlooked by enthusiasts and decided to start an 'Extreme' line of motherboards. While the term 'extreme' has become a silly 2000's cliche, it still manages to catch our attention. What is catching more people's attention, though, is the early success of these Extreme mainboards. ECS is now not only delivering great buys but also great performance, competing quite well in a previously untapped segment with compelling bang-for-the-buck offerings.

Today, I'm going to be looking at ECS's nForce4 Ultra motherboard that is turning heads. The board is the KN1 Extreme and offers all the goodies we've come to expect from nForce4 Ultra at a very affordable price level. Read on to learn more about this 'extreme' motherboard.

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