SolidState Sata-2.5 2 gig FFD- does it live up to its name

@ 2005/08/17
These Security features as well as the reliability are the reasons the forces as well as Nasa (mmmmm... Doom3 or HL2 in space anyone) uses these disks, come on can you imagine a normal HDD surviving a Tank ride for too long? No… nor can I, Infact to be honest I don’t think a normal HDD would survive in any of the Army’s or Navy’s computer or equipment in the field. Ok we are not the forces (allthough Vman is in touch with his Darkside and Rack has gone all yoda on us) here

Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/08/18
So is there a significant performance gain?

I wish he had tested some CPU demanding games.