How To Really Back Up Your Data

@ 2005/08/17
Backing up the data on our computers is one of the most boring things we can do. However, without doing so, it can lead to a digital disaster. This article gives you useful advice on how to pick what to backup and best ways to back them up.

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Comment from jmke @ 2005/08/17
why am I thrown into this conversation?
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/08/17
Not as in depth as I would have thought Jmke.

There was no mention of hard disk failure the superior assurance of RAID 1 arrays etc.
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/08/17
I used to turn my laptop to the IT guy once a month for backup, normally on Friday before quiting time and for one weekend out of a month I did not have to work at home.

I copied my data to the Server on a regular basis during lunch hour because I always forget to bring my laptop back to work