Club 3D Launch 7800GT 256mb: making the 7800 series more affordable

@ 2005/08/11
Club 3D Dropped a bombshell with our 7800GTX 256mb, now we bring you the 7800GT 256mb, working hard to make the 7800 series more affordable so everyone can own this graphical masterpiece.

Giving your PC hyper fast, next generation performance from the only VGA vendor in the world that solely focuses on Video Cards from all VGA chipset vendors, Club 3D.

Responsive High Definition Gaming will astound and amaze no matter how high you push your graphic settings, the Club 3D 7800GT 256mb will take everything you throw at it!

Next generation Geforce 7800 GPU will give you future proof performance, upgradeable to SLI should you want even more Graphics power.

The Games Developers are already pushing for far more detail and realism within their new Games, If you want to be one step ahead of the pack, the Club 3D 7800GT 256mb is a sensible choice for the price conscious gamer/modder.

The Club 3D 7800GT 256mb delivers maximum realism, when used in a single card set up it will not fail to impress! But when you pair 2 cards up in SLI configuration, please brace yourself and prepare for the results, Club 3D will not be held responsible for any personal injuries as a result of the Jaw Dropping performance of 2 7800GT’s in SLI configuration!

When upgrading your PC, the Graphics card is the most desirable upgrade and fast becoming the most important part of any PC, don’t settle for second best, choose Club 3D.

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