Exclusive review of the Gigabyte's Bi-6800GT with quad view

@ 2005/08/09
We just published our exclusive review of Gigabyte bi-6800GT board. With 2 6800GT GPUs, 16x32 Mo of GDDR3 1.6 ns Samsung chips, and a weight of 1 kilogram, this product is a monster...

Will it be better than a 7800GTX ? More interesting ? Let's see...

Link :
Comment from vegeta @ 2005/08/10
Can you run this in SLI?
Comment from jmke @ 2005/08/09
of course it's poor against 7800GTX, the 6800 is last generation hardware, and the new gen is twice as fast

the 7800GTX benches as fast as 2x6800Ultra in SLI, so no way that 2x6800GT's will come close!

edit: I see they've run UT botmatch, which is a CPU intensive test; they should have gone for the "flyby" modus ffs!
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/08/09
pretty poor against a GTX compared to the problems you get