Mali200: A New Graphics Core From Falanx

@ 2005/08/03
Affordable integrated 3D that rivals add-in-card performance? If Falanx Microsystems has their way, this is exactly what we will see in 2006.

Speaking with Borgar Ljosland today, Falanx' President and CEO, we covered some of the basics that he thinks will make Falanx' approach to graphics technology revolutionary.

Borgar sees the graphics industry following much the same road as we have seen many add-in-card components follow. He sees graphics as soon being an "on-board" or integrated device, much the same as sound and networking devices. Obviously we all know that integrated graphics are already a reality, it is just a question of how much performance hit you are willing to take. When questioned about Mail200 performance we were told that Mali200 could be offering much more efficient integrated graphics by the second half of 2006 that would be "on par" with the current add-in board graphics processing units of today.

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