Elon Musk: AI Is Society's "Biggest Risk"

@ 2017/07/17
The Tesla and SpaceX CEO spoke to a panel of governors yesterday to explore how state leaders can prepare for and benefit from innovative technologies. Among other interesting tidbits, such as additional Gigafactories coming to the US and the prediction that more than half of new vehicles will be electric and almost all will be autonomous in the US within 10 years, Musk stressed that politicians must address artificial intelligence with the proper regulations in order to keep industries becoming completely autonomous. Such would pose a great threat not only to jobs but to the nation's safety, based on the potential of robots and the unknowns of AI. The entrepreneur said state legislators should start by forming a regulatory committee, whose first task would be to develop a full understanding of AI. He stressed the importance of forming regulations to prevent companies from building their artificial intelligence to keep up with competitors who are doing the same. "If your competitor is rushing to build AI and you don't, it will crush you, " Musk said. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who has worked to reduce and eliminate these regulations, expressed concern over upsetting the balance between regulation and entrepreneurship.

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