innovatek introduces VGA water block: Cool-Matic TDH Special Cooler

@ 2005/07/26
The Cool-Matic TDH Special Cooler
The CoolMatic TDH caters to the special design requierements of the Nvidia NV40/45 "TDH" Graphic Cards. Cooling the GPU and the Memory on the Graphic board. The TDH is further compatible to various Nvidia Graphic Cards in AGP or PCI-E variations.


The special and new Cooler design offers highest compatibility to Graphic Cards as it does not colide or interfere with the Cards component structures.

The Cooler does not block a PCI Slot and offers reversed sided 8x1 corner connectors.

Incl. Accessories, Connectors and Speacial-Backplate.

501107 CoolMatic TDH / GPU+RAM
MSPR : 69,90 EUR

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/07/27
I am the only moron in the family couldn't speak and read more than 3 languages
Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/07/27
No english site for this particular product?