Asetek WaterChill KT03A-12VS

@ 2005/07/22
The possibility to control the fans with software from Windows is another extremely practical touch and it has to be said that throughout testing the pump remained quiet, this is a BIG bonus as some of the kits we have reviewed have been louder than their air cooled counterparts! After all isn't one of the major points of watercooling to keep noise levels to the lowest possible? Not only was the KT03-12VS kit virtually silent it was able to outperform the Thermalright XP-120 by at least 3°C.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/07/22
Assuming everything said was correct. Does CPU temp in the 40's °C at 27°C room temp matter too much for concern?

Or, in another word does -10°C make better ice than -4°C?

So, turn down the fan on the XP-120, at the range of temps your system is simply fine