ATI X800GT spotted

@ 2005/07/21
WE JUST LEARNED that ATI has its own GT part. Nvidia has 6600GT, 6800GT both shipping and is about to start shiping first of its series seven GT, Geforce 7800GT.
ATI on the other hand will soon introduce, possibly very quietly, its X800GT card. In Nvidia world GT means fast and available while in ATI world GT stands for mainstream and cheaper than XT, and XT PE. Those two companies are well known for its communication problems as they simply can not talk or agree about almost anything. They both do agree that making more money than previous quarter is a great thing.

ATI X800GT is eight pipelines card based on R430PRO chip developed on 110 nanometre marchitecture featuring 160 million transistors. It will be available as both 128MB and 256 MB card in both cases featuring 256 bit memory interface. Card will be clocked at 392 MHz core and 700 MHz memory and will come with GDDR3 or DDR1 memory. Its PCIe 16 X card but I guess ATI can make AGP version pairing this chip with its well know Rialto bridge chip.

This card will look exactly like X800 standard card but except 12 pipelines, X800GT will have eight of them enabled. The X800 STD 128 MB version with 12 pipelines cost less than €200 so you can expect that ATI's X800GT should come even cheaper. I suggest ATI wants to put the pressure on Geforce 6600GT as X800GT will be Crossfire capable and possible priced at same range.

So now lack of Crossfire support for X700PRO cards suddenly makes sense? Who needs X700 when you have X800GT for those systems, clever indeed. Cards should resurface very soon.

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