Tech Support Gets Creative

@ 2005/07/21
I am going to share with everyone a huge fiasco I found myself in with the folks at Creative Labs. If you remember, I reviewed a Compaq GX5000Z gaming system last November. This is a desktop system developed by Compaq that uses standard retail computer parts; the very same parts you can purchase at your local computer store. Nothing is integrated, and the system uses an MSI motherboard (K8N Neo 2 Platinum) which you could purchase yourself should you so desire.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/07/22
Creative replied to my inquiry 1 day later, but it was a standard template reply, they never read the original email
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/07/21
That is hell a lot better than my encounter with GSkill tech support in the U.S. After 8 weeks without any reply, I'd say XXXX it.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/07/21
he's correct in the fact that Audigy2 drivers from Creative are VERY bad, but the way he handles in their support forums is just wrong, read for yourself:

I set up a Creative Soundworks THX 550 set with Audigy2 ZS Plat Pro this weekend and had nothing but problems, PC did a hard reset every so often, tried everything (drivers, PCI slots, PCI latency,...) finally I think I resolved the issue by uninstalling Creative's drivers and getting these 3rd party ones: