Chieftec BRAVO Big Tower now available with DUAL Radiator Water Cooling

@ 2005/07/19
The Chieftec BIG Tower taken from the BRAVO Series is already available with an integrated innovatek High End Water Cooling System with a DUAL Radiator. Only the remaining hardware components must be installed. Because of the integrated HPPS Plus 12V Pump you do not need any additional connection to the outside of the PC. The system is directly connected to the power supply in the PC and is ready for usage almost at once.


News! New: innovatek HDM Hard Drive Cooling and Decoupling System!

The completely closed HDM Dampening Boxes cool and decouple each Hard Drive reliable and effective and lower the temperatures and noise levels to a perfect level. The two-parts Aluminium Decouplig System (consist of an internal and an external frame) ensure highest effectiveness. The Hard Drive is to be mounted in the Aluminium internal frame and is thereby optimally cooled and decoupled. An additional dampening with foamed material (which would just suffocate and heat the Hard Drive) is not necessary any more.


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