Unlock SLI Capability On nForce 4-4x Chipset

@ 2005/07/18
This is quite an interesting mod shared by our friends at HKEPC where they are able to unlock the SLI capability on the nForce4-4x chipset. As we know, nForce4-4x chipset, the value version of nForce4 Ultra/SLI is often used by board makers for their inexpensive AMD motherboards that usually sports single PCI-E x16 slot. Using a conductive pen, grease, and even pencil, short a resistor on the right side of the chipset as shown above will unlock the SLI capability by splitting into two x8. As such, pairing the nForce4-4x board with a dual GPUs card solution like the Gigabyte 3D1 or ASUS EN6800-DUAL, it can run SLI. It is interesting to see if board manufacturers will come out with nForce4-4x boards with dual PCI-E x16 slots. This is possible because the pins assignment of PCI-E x 16 are same for all nForce4 (CK8-04) chipsets.

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