Chenbro Gaming Bomb II Case

@ 2005/07/18
Chenbro received quite a bit of positive feedback for its original Gaming Bomb case, but its style really never appealed to me at all. I have a strong affinity for aluminum cases. Ever since I splurged on my first Lian-Li PC60USB case four or five years ago, I've almost completely ignored steel and plastic when it comes to computer chasses. So, yeah, you could say I'm biased. Anyway, if you have seen the cool stylings of the Gaming Bomb II, you can probably already see where I'm headed.

When Chenbro released its design for the second generation Gaming Bomb, I wasn't interested in it because I figured it would only be a slight change from the first GB. Much to my surprise, I was totally wrong. The GBII is one of the coolest and best-looking cases I've seen hit the market in a long time, and from looks alone, you wouldn't know it was related in any way to the original GB. From the feature list, it seems to be one of the most practical and user-friendly cases too. I'll have to dig deeper into that, though, later in this review.

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