EVGA's 7800 with ACS Cooling for Enthusiasts

@ 2005/07/15
"When we first evaluated EVGA’s 6800 PCIe graphics adapter, one of the things we noted was their lack of engineering efforts to make the graphics adapters something above NVIDIA’s specified design. There just wasn’t anything exclusive about EVGA’s product line, but that’s about to change, thanks to EVGA’s already implemented heatsink and fan combo on its 7800GTX. Moreover, EVGA is taking it a step further by working on its ACS cooling design that could define new standards in graphics card cooling, assuming it performs well."

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Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/07/15
looks very nice, the holes look like euro's though, maybe that's why these cards cost so much
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/07/15
What is ACS?