Ulti-mat Original Mousepad

@ 2005/07/14
What is Ulti-mat Ltd? Ulti-mat Ltd., is the latest developer out of Helsinki Finland that is developing and marketing the next evolution in mouse surfaces. Utilizing DuPont Teflon, the Ulti-mat gives you one of sciences most well known and heavily used polymer resin compounds in the world and puts that technology to use by offering one of the most friction free pads available.

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Comment from jmke @ 2005/07/14
I bought a Q-pad for $20 this weekend because I forgot to pack my mousepad :/


first I gamed on a piece of A4 paper, but after each 20min round of UT2003 I had to find another paper because my sweety palms would destroy the paper

the Q-pad works very good for gaming, a bit jumpy in windows though, it's quite soft and flexible, if you don't have a flat surface underneath you will feel the texture through it;