Nvidia 6600 LE US$60-70

@ 2005/07/14
Nvidia will introduce its 6600 LE series SLI (Scalable Link Interface)-supporting graphics processing unit (GPU) in early August, and the FOB (free on board) price of 6600 LE graphics cards is expected to be US$60-70, according to sources at graphics card makers.

The price of a complete 6600 LE SLI solution, including an SLI-ready motherboard and two 6600 LE graphics card, will be about US$200, the sources noted, adding that second-tier motherboard makers are gearing up to target the segment.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/07/14
if 2x6600LE for $140 are no faster then 1x6600GT for ~$150 then the choice is easily made...
Comment from piotke @ 2005/07/14
200 usd for such a combination is very cheap, as the cheapest SL board is around 100 USD I guess