Nvidia teams up with Bosch for self-driving cars

@ 2017/03/17
Smallest AI car supercomputer based on Xavier SoC

Nvidia and Bosch have both announced a partnership and unveiled the new the new AI platform for self-driving cars based on Nvidia's Drive PX platform with upcoming Xavier SoC during the Bosch Connected World conference held in Berlin.

The base of the new Bosch AI Car Computer, as it was named by Bosch CEO, Dr. Volkmar Denner, during the conference, is the Nvidia Drive PX platform with Xavier SoC. Announced back in September, the 16nm Xavier SoC, a Parker SoC successor, was described an AI supercomputer packing 7 billion transistors and featuring an 8-core custom ARM64 CPU part paired up with 512-core Volta GPU.

Built for deep learning, the Nvidia Drive PX platform, based on Xavier SoC, can train a car to drive by using detection, localization, occupancy grid, path planning, vehicle dynamics as well as other features in order to make the actual AI smarter based on experience.

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