Intel underestimated the AMD Zen Ryzen threat

@ 2017/03/17
Sources close to the matter

Ryzen 7 and now Ryzen 5 have launched and they are putting enormous pressure on Intel in the top-level market segment. After a whole decade, price/performance is definitely on AMD's side and even the upcoming Naples 32 core server part will put enormous pressure on Intel’s cash cow in the server market.

An industry veteran who wants to remain unnamed said Intel knew that Zen was going to be better than many hoped. Inside Intel, it looks like Chipzilla decided to underestimate AMD and its power to deliver.

For AMD, Zen is a make it or break it product and essentially Lisa Su, the AMD lead by the vision of Mark Papermaster the CTO of AMD, managed to deliver a 52 percent increase instruction per clock IPC compared to a previous generation.

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