HyperX's Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard reviewed

@ 2017/03/17
At least one mechanical keyboard seems to exist for every conceivable taste these days. Need a clicky keyboard with key caps that look like old-timey typewriter keys? Pick one from Massdrop. Want something that lights up the room with every color under the rainbow? Dozens of options are available from every manufacturer. Want something cheap? Mechanical keyboards are available with off-brand mechanical switches for around $30 shipped from Amazon. HyperX has taken a more nuanced approach at carving out some room in this crowded market for its simple-yet-sturdy Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard.

From my experience using the Alloy FPS, I gather the idea is to offer only what is necessary for a tightly-focused FPS gaming keyboard while ditching the frills. What the designers left in was ...

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