Antec Sonata II ATX Case

@ 2005/07/11
This might be the quietest case I've ever seen. When using the ducting system it was found that the CPU and VGA fans were noticeably quieter than the original Sonata...

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/07/12
Chill Vent can also suck in from the lower rear like in the Lian-Li case. I have to consider many variables; such as CPU locations, right/left and bottom fresh/cooler air intakes.
Comment from GIBSON @ 2005/07/12
your chill vent is indeed a lot better lazyman, don't know why they didn't suck in from the side, would be a 90° turn less too or maybe that would have made it too obvious that they were using your idea
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/07/11
Attempting to ..... now is in the U.S. Market. Back in January there was no release date.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/07/11
if you have a patent on the idea, can't you do something?
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/07/11
1) System Installed to test, no temp findings.
2) After two years, finally someone copies the Chill Vent theory in Fan Duct Design ..... still not as versatile.