Lenovo links with blade desktop maker

@ 2005/07/11
Lenovo will resell blade desktop systems from ClearCube Technologies as the Chinese giant kicks off its effort to woo the international set.

Under the deal, the two companies will cooperate to sell ClearCube's blade systems, initially to the customers Lenovo acquired when it bought IBM's PC unit. The units sold by Lenovo will bear ClearCube's brand. IBM Global Services already resells ClearCube desktop systems..........................

The IBM purchase marks the point of no return for Lenovo's long ambitions to become an international tech powerhouse. Except for some token sales in Italy and Southeast Asia, the company has sold PCs only in China. Even there, it has lost market share to Dell and HP in recent quarters.

The company unfurled a tablet PC back in June and said it planned to open a center to design different types of PCs for different markets such as potentially cheap PCs for places such as India.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/07/11
Within the next 5 years; China dominates the PC hardwares and India in all softwares.