Winfast PX6800TDH 256meg

@ 2005/07/10
Leadtek was started back in 1986 making high quality products at great value. Today we are looking at two of their PX6800TDH 256meg PCI-E graphics cards in both single and SLI. The PX6800 is Leadtek's lower end 6800 series card just above the LE model which is a budget 8 pipeline model. The PX6800TDH is a 12 pipeline card with 5 vertex shaders and is clocked at 325 GPU and 300 (600) memory, SLI is supported in the PX6800 as well. Today the 6800 series is still a great choice for gamers with it's affordable price and SLI ability, it is capable of playing anything on the market with good frame rates and good picture quality.


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