Hardware Confusion Article

@ 2005/07/10
For several months now I've been trying to decide which new technologies I will choose for my next PC upgrade. It's a common problem for many people out there given how many major tech developments there have been in recent times, including Dual Core CPUs, PCI-E, SATA-II, SLI, Crossfire, and Windows x64 to name a few. I wanted the best I could afford, and I wanted to future-proof my system as much as possible. Finally, I just wanted a system which worked straight off the bat, without all those terrible incompatibility issues, bottlenecks and hardware glitches we keep hearing about from various setups. The results are in my Hardware Confusion article, and might help you make a better choice if you're looking to upgrade as well.

Comment from Rutar @ 2005/07/10
The article isn't much help at all for someone who is building a new pc. Noise and price didn't seem to matter at all, they weren't even discussed.

Last but not least, the noob choice XP 32 bit. 64bit XP is a MUST for A64 despite the driver issues when you're buying a new OS
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/07/10
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