MGE XG Quantum ATX Case

@ 2005/07/01
Today i have had the pleasure to review the XG Quantum from MGE Company, a company probably not many of you are aware of. Here is a snippet from their site.

“MGE Company is the Manufacturer of Great Electronics.
We manufacture everything from computer components, cases, power supplies, CPU fans, heat sinks to other cooling solutions for high end computers systems, but also keep an open eye out for new innovations in electronics. We offer a variety of solutions with a range of features and options that are suited to benefit our customer’s needs. Well known for quality, competitive prices, performance and dependability, we aim to dominate the computer industry by continually modifying and enhancing our products to provide the best service and quality possible.”

The Package:

The Quantum was delivered to me in the usual plain cardboard packaging protecting the retail box inside. I was glad to see that it had survived its journey half way across the world without damages.

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