Razer Diamondback Plasma - Hottest Mouse on the Market?

@ 2005/06/28
For years now, since its initial release, I simply could not part with my modded Logisys dual optical mouse. Featured in two magazines and websites across the world, this is personally one of the best optical mice ever released. However, if there is one product we have reviewed here that has quickly gained the interest of many enthusiast as well as those in the gaming community, it is the mice put out by Razer. Their high performance mice have truly gained the respect deserved based on their innovative design and unmatched performance. We have had the pleasure of taking a look at two of their most popular mice in the past, both of which earned our very highest recommendation as well as high marks from many other respected review sites. We were left wondering with what they would come up with next? Well, they have done their homework and have just released a new limited edition mouse that is sure to grab everyone's attention, including those in the modding community. The new Razer Diamondback Plasma touches on both overall aesthetics and performance. Today, we not only take a look at this new mouse, but also offer our loyal readers an opportunity to win one of these beauties!

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Comment from Faiakes @ 2005/06/28
Ok so it has an infared beam instead of the usual red. That's about it.