X-Raypad Thunder 8

@ 2005/06/26
There are many entries in the Gamer/Professional Mouse pad
segment out there. Today we will look at an entry by Xraypad, the
Thunder 8. Gamer pads range from $15-$75, but sometimes I wonder if it
is really worth spending that amount of money on a mouse pad. After
all, it's just a mouse pad right? A square or rectangular piece of
plastic or cloth that your mouse sits on, what's the big deal? Well the
Thunder 8 is available for $20 most places online and can easily sell
for a lot more, I was extremely surprised at the quality/cost ratio
with this pad. When I got this pad and checked the price online I was
shocked, I honestly thought it was one of those $75 pads. Today we are
going to take a closer look at it, and you will see what I mean.

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